Multiphase Energy Conversion Systems Connected to Micro grids with Unequal Power Sharing Capability - 2017


Multiphase energy conversion systems have been recently proposed for motoring and generating applications where bidirectional power flow is needed. When such multiphase systems are connected to the grid (e.g., in multimegawatt wind energy systems), efficiency is maximized by operating the system during a balanced manner with an equal distribution of the facility among phases. However, things differs when the multiphase system is connected to different microgrids with individual active and reactive power requirements. In this scenario, an unequal power sharing between the various phases of the multiphase machine becomes necessary. This story explores the management strategy to operate in speed mode with an independent regulation of the power contribution to the microgrids. Experimental results ensure the aptitude of the system to satisfactorily operate in unbalanced mode each in steady-state and transient conditions, thus providing the flexibility to divert the power from one 3-section winding to the opposite with no impact on the system dynamics.

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