Asymmetrical Operation Analysis for Dual Stator-Winding Induction Generator Variable Frequency AC Generating System With Unbalanced Loads - 2017


In this paper, the performance of the dual stator-winding induction generator (DWIG) variable frequency ac (VFAC) generating system with unbalanced loads is analyzed, and an asymmetrical operation analysis technique based mostly on a 3-port load network model is proposed. This method has four key steps: (1) deriving the 3-port load network model for 3-section four-line unbalanced hundreds; (2) establishing the positive sequence, negative sequence, and nil sequence equivalent circuits for the DWIG; (three) combining the on top of model and circuits together to get the system whole equivalent model; and (4) writing the corresponding equations and solving them. The experimental results and the calculation results are virtually consistent, which proves that the proposed method is correct and valid, and the DWIG VFAC generating system with unbalanced masses encompasses a good performance.

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