Phase angle calculation dynamics of type-4wind turbines in rms simulations duringsevere voltage dips - 2016


To conduct Power System simulations with high shares of wind energy, customary wind turbine models, which are aimed to be generic rms models for a big selection of wind turbine types, have been developed. As a standard practice of rms simulations, the Power Electronic interface of wind turbines is assumed to be ideally synchronised, i.e. grid synchronisation (e.g. section locked loop (PLL)) is not included in simplified wind turbine models. As can be shown during this study, this apply causes simulation convergence issues during severe voltage dips and when the loss of synchronism happens. In order to supply the simulation convergence without adding complexity to the generic models, a initial-order filtering approach is proposed as a phase angle calculation algorithm in the grid synchronisation of the rms sort-4 wind turbine models. The proposed approach provides robustness for the simulation of large-scale Power Systems with high shares of wind energy.

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