Enhancing DFIG wind turbine during three phase fault using parallel interleaved converters and dynamic resistor - 2016


Transient operations are terribly crucial for top power insulated-gate bipolar transistor modules, as a result of high current and voltage are applied during this era for several microseconds. Therefore, the flexibility for doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) variable speed wind turbine power converters to withstand abnormal conditions is strictly imperative so as to attain its lifetime specifications and conjointly fulfil the grid codes. This study presents a new control scheme for DFIG wind turbine having parallel interleaved converters (PIC) configuration and a series dynamic braking resistor (SDBR) connected at its stator aspect. Interleaving the wind turbine converters in parallel configuration might help to extend this capability, whereas the SDBR helps in post fault recovery of the wind turbine. The coordinated control analysis of the scheme was implemented in Power System laptop aided design and electromagnetic transient as well as DC simulation environment for a severe three-part to ground fault. Results obtained were compared with the conventional DC chopper and crowbar rotor circuit protection scheme for the wind turbine. A higher performance of the wind turbine variables were achieved using the proposed control scheme of the PIC and SDBR as a result of the area vector modulation of the PIC leads to most value of the change in common mode voltage, resulting in improved switched output voltage of the voltage supply converter leg.

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