Synchronous Power Controller with Flexible Droop Characteristics for Renewable Power Generation Systems - 2016


The increasing amount of renewable power generation systems may be a challenging issue for the management and operation of the electrical networks. One in every of the most problems is their lack of inertia, that is turning into a greater problem as a lot of as the share of the power plants primarily based on ancient synchronous generators gets reduced. During this regard, the new grid codes raise these plants to supply new functionalities such as the frequency support and inertia emulation. During this paper, a synchronous power controller for grid-connected converters is proposed as a good solution for the renewable generation systems with energy storage. It provides inertia, damping, and flexible droop characteristics. Completely different from the devoted replication of the swing equation of synchronous machines, another management structure is proposed, by that the damping and inherent droop slope will be configured independently to fulfill the wants in each dynamics and frequency laws. Analysis and experimental results are each shown to validate the proposed controller.

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