A Multi-Level Converter with a Floating Bridge for Open-Ended Winding Motor Drive Applications - 2016


This paper presents a 3-part open-finish winding induction motor drive. The drive consists of a 3-phase induction machine with open stator section windings and dual-bridge inverter equipped from one dc voltage source. To attain multilevel output voltage waveforms, a floating capacitor bank is used for the second of the twin bridges. The capacitor voltage is regulated using redundant switching states at 0.5 of the most dc-link voltage. This explicit voltage ratio (a pair of:one) is used to form a multilevel output voltage waveform with 3 levels. A modified modulation scheme is employed to improve the waveform quality of this dual inverter. This paper additionally compares the losses in the twin-inverter system in distinction with one-sided three-level neutral point clamped converter. Finally, detailed simulation and experimental results are presented for the motor drive operating as an open-loop v /f controlled motor drive and as a closed-loop field-oriented motor controller.

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