This paper presents a new voltage source inductive filtering converter (VSIFC) for HVDC-light transmission system, which is mainly composed of the inductive filtering (IF) transformer and the related full-tuned (FT) branches with the commutating function for the self-commutated converter. This paper concerns on the technical feasibility on the application of VSIFC in HVDC-Light systems. Firstly, two kinds of main-circuit topologies of VSIFCs are proposed, and based on this, a typical test system for the proposed VSIFC-based HVDC-light transmission is established. Then, the study on the unique inductive filtering characteristic and the transient stability that VSIFC-based HVDC transmission system has are performed in the PSCAD/EMTDC environment. Through the comparison with the classic VSC-based HVDC system, this paper verifies the technical feasibility on the application of VSIFC in HVDC-Light systems, and further reveals a series of technical characteristics and superiorities that VSIFC-based HVDC-light system has.

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