This paper presents a modified instantaneous power control scheme of D-STATCOM for power factor and harmonic compensation. The proposed control strategy has been introduced in order to enhance some steady-state performances besides its functional elimination of power quality disturbances. Power factor and harmonic current of a controlled feeder section are two vital roles in steady-state power distribution system operation. Utilizing an already installed D-STATCOM to achieve these additional control objectives can help system operators maximize overall system performances. In this paper, a control scheme with constant power and sinusoidal current compensation is exploited. In order to correct the power factor, a power factor control loop is required and therefore included in the control block. To verify its use, a 22-kV power distribution feeder with a three-phase rectifier load was tested. Results showed that integration of the proposed reactive power controlloop can correct the power factor of the controlled feeder to be unity power factor.

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