A MMC Topology Based on Unidirectional Current H-Bridge Sub-Module with Active Circulating Current Injection - 2017


This study proposed a novel modular multilevel converter (MMC) based mostly on unidirectional current H-bridge submodule (UCH-SM) with active circulating current injection (ACCI). Beneath the premise of keeping the arm current unidirectional, the UCH-SM was developed by optimizing the complete-bridge submodule (FBSM). Although the number of needed switching devices of the UCH-SM-based MMC (UCH-MMC) is nearly half of that of FBSM-based mostly MMC (FB-MMC), the advantages of the FB-MMC, like the dc fault blocking and bidirectional dc-link voltage capabilities, were preserved. The proposed ACCI technique will help keep the arm current unidirectional and reduce the semiconductor usage. The parameter style method for keeping the arm current unidirectional and therefore the characteristics of the UCH-MMC with ACCI were also analyzed. The management schemes of the UCH-MMC for the dc-link voltage management and dc-link current management modes were presented. Simulation and experimental results were presented to verify the feasibility and characteristics of the proposed UCH-MMC.

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