Low Switching FrequencyÐBased Predictive Control of a Grid-Connected Voltage-Sourced Converter - 2017


This paper proposes a model predictive direct power management (MPDPC) approach with reduced switching frequency for grid-connected voltage-sourced converters (VSC). This approach is proposed for each a real/reactive power controller (with a fixed input voltage) and a power port controller (with a variable input voltage). It uses two different value functions: one for the steady state and one for transients. Utilizing these two price functions ends up in having a low switching frequency within the steady state and a quick response throughout transients. The proposed MPDPC also provides overcurrent protection of the VSC. In applying the proposed MPDPC to an influence port, drawbacks of conventional voltage controllers are addressed by using power estimation and set point modulation within the controller. Simulation and experimental results validate the proposed MPDPC and therefore the voltage controller.

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