Estimation of Time-Varying Channels in MIMO Two-Way Multi-Relay Systems - 2018


During this Project, we study time-varying channel estimation and optimal pilot style for multiple-input multiple-output 2-method multi-relay systems within the sense of minimizing the overall estimation mean sq. error (MSE) under the facility constraints at two source nodes and multiple relays. A notably challenging issue within the optimal pilot design is to fully eliminate the inter-link interference whereas most efficiently using the channel resource. To address this challenging issue, we have a tendency to contemplate a pilot style approach based mostly on the phase rotation technique at multiple relays. Initial, we establish various optimality conditions for the pilot style within the sense of the minimum total MSE. Then, we have a tendency to propose the optimal pilot theme by coming up with the pilot signals, section rotations, and pilot symbol positions to satisfy the established optimality conditions. Finally, we propose the asymptotically optimal pilot theme in the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regime with low complexity. Simulation results show that the proposed schemes considerably outperform the prevailing schemes in terms of the channel estimation and also the bit error rate, and the proposed asymptotically optimal scheme provides the close to-optimal performance even in the low to moderate SNR vary.

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