A Sensing Contribution-Based Two-Layer Game for Channel Selection and Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks - 2018


In cognitive radio (CR) networks, the secondary users (SUs) sense the spectrum licensed to the first users (PUs) to identify and presumably transmit over briefly unoccupied channels. Cooperative sensing was proposed to enhance the sensing accuracy, but in heterogeneous eventualities, SUs do not contribute equally to the cooperative sensing result as a result of they experience totally different received PU signal quality at their sensors. In this Project, a 2-layer cooperative game is developed for distributed sensing and access in multichannel CR unintentional networks, where the SUs' transmission opportunities are commensurate with their sensing contributions, thus fostering cooperation and eliminating free-riders. Numerical results show that the proposed 2-layer game is computationally efficient and outperforms previously investigated collaborative sensing and spectrum access approaches in heterogeneous multichannel CR situations in terms of energy potency, throughput, SU fairness, and complexity. Moreover, it's demonstrated that this game is sturdy to changes in the network topology and the quantity of SUs. Finally, a new physical-layer approach is proposed to distribute the network-level miss-detection constraints fairly among the interfering SUs for guaranteed PU protection and demonstrate the performance benefits of the AND-rule combining of spectrum sensing results for heterogeneous SUs.

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