A Latency and Reliability Guaranteed Resource Allocation Scheme for LTE V2V Communication Systems - 2018


By leveraging direct device-to-device interaction, LTE vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) Communication becomes a promising resolution to fulfill the stringent requirements of vehicular Communication. In this Project, we propose jointly optimizing the radio resource, power allocation, and modulation/coding schemes of the V2V Communications, so as to guarantee the latency and reliability necessities of vehicular user equipments (VUEs) while maximizing the knowledge rate of cellular user equipment (CUE). To confirm the solvability of this optimization downside, the packet latency constraint is 1st remodeled into a information rate constraint primarily based on random network analysis by adopting the Poisson distribution model for the packet arrival process of every VUE. Then, utilizing the Lagrange twin decomposition and binary search, a resource management algorithm is proposed to find the optimal answer of joint optimization drawback with affordable complexity. Simulation results show that the proposed radio resource management scheme will cut back the interference from V2V Communication to CUEs and guarantee the latency and reliability requirements of V2V Communication.

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