Placement Optimization of Energy and Information Access Points in Wireless Powered Communication Networks - 2016


The applications of wireless power transfer technology to wireless communications can facilitate build a wireless powered communication network (WPCN) with a lot of reliable and sustainable power provide compared to the traditional battery-powered network. However, thanks to the basic variations in wireless information and power transmissions, many important aspects of standard battery-powered wireless communication networks need to be redesigned for economical operations of WPCNs. In this paper, we study the location optimization of energy and data access points in WPCNs, where the wireless devices (WDs) harvest the radio frequency energy transferred by dedicated energy nodes (ENs) within the downlink, and use the harvested energy to transmit data to data access points (APs) in the uplink. In explicit, we tend to are fascinated by minimizing the network deployment cost with minimum range of ENs and APs by optimizing their locations, whereas satisfying the energy harvesting and communication performance requirements of the WDs. Specifically, we have a tendency to initial study the minimum-value placement downside when the ENs and APs are separately located, where an alternating optimization method is proposed to jointly optimize the locations of ENs and APs. Then, we have a tendency to study the location optimization when every combine of EN and AP is colocated and integrated as a hybrid access purpose, and propose an economical algorithm to resolve this problem. Simulation results show that the proposed strategies can effectively scale back the network deployment cost and however guarantee the given performance necessities, which may be a key consideration in future applications of WPCNs.

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