PBA Prediction-Based Authentication for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications - 2016


In vehicular networks, broadcast Communications are critically important, as many safety-related applications depend upon single-hop beacon messages broadcast to neighbor vehicles. But, it becomes a challenging downside to design a broadcast authentication scheme for secure vehicle-to-vehicle Communications. Especially when a large range of beacons arrive during a short time, vehicles are liable to computation-based mostly Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that excessive signature verification exhausts their computational resources. During this paper, we have a tendency to propose an efficient broadcast authentication scheme called Prediction-Based mostly Authentication (PBA) to not solely defend against computation-based mostly DoS attacks, but also resist packet losses caused by high mobility of vehicles. In contrast to most existing authentication schemes, our PBA is an economical and lightweight scheme since it's primarily designed on symmetric cryptography. To any reduce the verification delay for some emergency applications, PBA is intended to exploit the sender vehicle's ability to predict future beacons beforehand. Additionally, to stop memory-based mostly DoS attacks, PBA solely stores shortened re-keyed Message Authentication Codes (MACs) of signatures while not decreasing security. We analyze the protection of our theme and simulate PBA below varying vehicular network situations. The results demonstrate that PBA quick verifies almost ninety nine percent messages with low storage cost not only in high-density traffic environments but also in lossy wireless environments.

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