End-to-End Reliability-Aware Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks - 2016


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are gaining popularity as a flexible and economical alternative to field-bus installations for monitoring and management applications. For mission-essential applications, Communication networks should offer end-to-finish reliability guarantees, posing substantial challenges for WSN. Reliability will be improved by redundancy, and is often addressed on the MAC layer by resubmission of lost packets, sometimes applying slotted scheduling. Recently, researchers have proposed a method to optimally improve the reliability of a given schedule by repeating the foremost rewarding slots during a schedule incrementally till a deadline. This Incrementer can be used with most scheduling algorithms however has scalability issues which narrows its usability to offline calculations of schedules, for networks that are rather static. In this paper, we introduce SchedEx, a generic heuristic scheduling algorithm extension, which guarantees a user-defined finish-to-finish reliability. SchedEx produces competitive schedules to the present approach, and it will that consistently additional than an order of magnitude faster. The harsher the top-to-finish reliability demand of the network, the higher the SchedEx performs compared to the Incrementer. We any show that SchedEx includes a more evenly distributed improvement impact on the scheduling algorithms, whereas the Incrementer favors schedules created by bound scheduling algorithms.

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