A Bandwidth Monitoring Strategy Under Uncertainty of the Adversary’s Activity - 2016


When an adversary illicitly uses spectrum that it's not authorized for, it does so with a purpose in mind, such as to download a file or perhaps have interaction in an exceedingly real-time Communication session. In this paper, we tend to examine how the incorporation of data related to an adversary's purpose will improve the effectiveness of spectrum scanning protocols. First, we have a tendency to study the difference within the thief's behavior when considering throughput and delay as the 2 primary QoS parameters he is anxious with. Through our analysis, we have a tendency to show that the detection likelihood of unlicensed access to spectrum resources depends on the application kind. Knowledge of the applying kind can be incorporated to spectrum scanning to tune better it to detect the thief. To illustrate this, we tend to examine two Bayesian games. In the first game, the scanner desires to reduce the time required to detect the invader. Within the second game, the scanner wants to maximize the detection probability at each time slot by adapting its belief relating to the adversary's activity. In specific, it is shown in the minimizing detection time game that the equilibrium methods are continuous with respect to priori data of the invader's activity. Meanwhile, for the maximizing detection chance game, the methods can have a jump discontinuity. This phenomena will be explained as the difference between tactical and strategic decision creating: tactical decision making allows short-term, unpredictable moves, whereas strategic call creating is inclined to predictable moves. Finally, since the bandwidth model utilized in this paper is general, the conclusion further because the approach provided can be applied to a selection of various network protection problems.

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