End-to-End Detection of Caller ID Spoofing Attacks - 2018


Caller ID (caller identification) may be a service provided by telephone operators where the phone variety and/or the name of the caller is transmitted to tell the callee who is calling. These days, most folks trust the caller ID info and some banks even use Caller ID to authenticate customers. However, with the proliferation of smartphones and VoIP, it is straightforward to spoof caller ID information by installing a explicit application on the smartphone or by using service providers that offer Caller ID spoofing. As the phone network is fragmented between countries and corporations and upgrades of previous hardware is dear, no mechanism is accessible today to let end-users simply detect Caller ID spoofing attacks. In this text, we propose a replacement approach of using end-to-end caller ID verification schemes that leverage options of the prevailing phone network infrastructure (CallerDec). We design an SMS-based mostly and a timing-based version of CallerDec that works with existing combinations of landlines, cellular and VoIP networks and will be deployed at the liberty of the users. We tend to implemented both CallerDec schemes as an App for Android-primarily based phones and validated their effectiveness in detecting spoofing attacks in various scenarios.

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