Protocol Function Block Mapping of Software Defined Protocol for 5G Mobile Networks - 2018


During this Project, we propose software-outlined protocol (SDP) technique to facilitate versatile service-oriented protocol stack deployment for providing high-throughput, low-latency and elastic mobile services based on platform virtualization and functionality modularization. We 1st elaborate the principle of SDP and then address one in all the foremost important problems in SDP, specifically SDP request mapping (SDPM), where an SDP request is fulfilled by mapping a group of needed SDP operate blocks and virtual links onto underlying SDP servers. We tend to formulate the SDPM problem as a mixed integer programming (MIP). To address the NP-hardness and scalability of SDPM downside, we tend to propose a decomposition algorithm which breaks down the SDPM downside into inter-block link and block mapping issues to accomplish the upper sure (UB) and lower certain (LB) of the MIP solution, respectively. The optimality will be achieved when the UB and also the LB converges by using iterations. We have a tendency to employ LTE Layer-two data-plane processing as a benchmark for validating the effectiveness of the SDP technique and evaluate the performance of SDPM algorithm. Numerical results show that SDP is effective to produce elastic low-latency mobile services and the proposed SDPM algorithm significantly outperforms the benchmark in stack processing delay, mapping cost, and resource utilization.

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