Space Filling Approach for Distributed Processing of Top-k Dominating Queries - 2018


A top-k dominating query returns k data objects that dominate the best number of information objects in a very given dataset. This question provides us with a collection of intuitively most well-liked knowledge, therefore will support a wide variety of multi-criteria decision-creating applications, e.g., e-commerce and.Net search. Thanks to the growth of data centers and cloud computing infrastructures, the on top of applications are increasingly being operated in distributed environments. These motivate us to handle the problem of distributed high-k dominating query processing. We tend to propose an economical decentralized algorithm that exploits virtual points and returns the exact answer. The virtual points are utilised to concentrate on the info house to be preferentially searched and conjointly to limit the search area to prune unnecessary computation and knowledge forwarding. We have a tendency to additionally propose two different algorithms, which return an approximate answer set while additional reducing question processing time. Intensive experiments on both real and synthetic knowledge demonstrate the efficiency and scalability of our algorithms.

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