Dynamic Openflow-Controlled Optical Packet Switching Network - 2015


This paper presents and experimentally demonstrates the generalized design of Openflow-controlled optical packet switching (OPS) network. Openflow control is enabled by introducing the Openflow/OPS agent into the OPS network, that realizes the Openflow protocol translation and message exchange between the Openflow control plane and the underlying OPS nodes. With software-outlined networking (SDN) and Openflow technique, the complex management functions of the traditional OPS network will be offloaded into a centralized and versatile control plane, while promoted management and operations will be provided thanks to centralized coordination of network resources. Furthermore, a competition-aware routing/rerouting strategy plus a quick network adjustment mechanism is proposed and demonstrated for the first time as advanced Openflow management to route traffic and handle the network dynamics. With centralized SDN/Openflow management, the OPS network has the potential to possess better resource utilization and enhanced network resilience at lower cost and less node complexity. Our work will accelerate the development of each OPS and SDN evolution.

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