The concept of awareness plays a pivotal role in analysis in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. Recently, software engineering researchers inquisitive about the collaborative nature of software development have explored the implications of this idea in the design of software development tools. A vital side of awareness is that the associated coordinative work practices of displaying and monitoring actions. This aspect issues how colleagues monitor one another's actions to understand how these actions impact their own work and the way they display their actions in such a manner that others will easily monitor them while doing their own work. In this paper, we have a tendency to specialise in an additional aspect of awareness: the identification of the social actors who ought to be monitored and therefore the actors to whom their actions should be displayed. We tend to address this facet by presenting software developers' work practices based on ethnographic information from 3 totally different software development teams. In addition, we tend to illustrate how these work practices are influenced by totally different factors, as well as the organizational setting, the age of the project, and the software architecture. We tend to discuss how our results are relevant for each CSCW and software engineering researchers.

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