Spatial Mappings for Planning and Optimization of Cellular Networks - 2018


In cellular networks, users are grouped into completely different cells and served by completely different access points (base stations) that give wireless access to services and applications. Normally, the service demand is terribly heterogeneous, non-uniformly distributed, and dynamic. Consequently, radio access networks create very irregular topologies with a lot of access points, where service demand is targeted. Whereas this dynamism needs networks with the flexibility to adapt to time-varying conditions, the non-uniformity of the service demand makes the design, analysis, and optimization troublesome. In order to help with these tasks, a framework based on canonical domains and spatial mappings (e.g., conformal mapping) have recently been proposed. The idea is to hold out part of the design in a canonical (perfectly symmetric) domain that's connected to the physical one (real-state of affairs) by means that of a spatial transformation designed to map the access points consistently with the service demand. This Project continues the analysis in that direction by introducing further tools and prospects to that framework, particularly the utilization of centroidal Voronoi algorithms and non-conformal composite mappings. Moreover, power optimization is additionally introduced to the framework. The results show the usability and effectiveness of the proposed method and its promising analysis views.

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