Dynamic Deployment and Cost-Sensitive Provisioning for Elastic MobileCloud Services - 2018


As mobile customers gradually occupying the largest share of cloud service users, the effective and value-sensitive provisioning of mobile cloud services quickly becomes a main theme in Cloud Computing. The key issues involved are abundant more than simply enabling mobile users to access remote cloud resources through wireless networks. The resource limited and intermittent disconnection issues of mobile environments have intrinsic conflict with the continual connection assumption of the cloud service usage patterns. We have a tendency to advocate that seamless service provisioning in mobile cloud can only be achieved with full exploitation of all accessible resources around mobile users. An elastic framework is proposed to automatically and dynamically deploy cloud services on information center, base stations, consumer units, even peer devices. The simplest deployment location is dynamically determined based mostly on a context-aware and cost-sensitive analysis model. To facilitate straightforward adoption of the proposed framework, a service development model and associated semi-automatic tools are provided such that cloud service developers can simply convert a service for execution on totally different platforms without porting. Prototype implementation and evaluation on the Google Cloud and Android platforms demonstrate that our mechanism can successfully maintain seamless services with terribly low overhead.

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