Scatter-Gather Live Migration of Virtual Machines - 2018


We tend to introduce a new metric for live migration of virtual machines (VM) known as eviction time defined as the time to evict the state of one or more VMs from the source host. Eviction time determines how quickly the supply will be taken offline or its resources repurposed for other VMs. In ancient live migration, like pre-copy and post-copy, eviction time equals the full migration time because the source is engaged till the destination receives the whole VM. We present Scatter-Gather live migration that decouples the source and destination during migration to cut back eviction time when the destination is slow. The source scatters the memory of VMs to multiple nodes, together with the destination and a number of intermediaries. Concurrently, the destination gathers the VMs' memory from the intermediaries and also the supply. Thus eviction from the source is not bottlenecked by the reception speed of the destination. We support simultaneous live eviction of multiple VMs and exploit deduplication to cut back network overhead. Our Scatter-Gather implementation within the KVM/QEMU platform reduces the eviction time by up to a factor of six against traditional pre-copy and post-copy while maintaining comparable total migration time when the destination is slower than the source.

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