An Efficient Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Sensor Networks Without Pairings - 2017


Constructing intelligent and economical transportation systems for trendy metropolitan areas has become a terribly vital quest for nations possessing metropolitan cities with ever-increasing populations. A new trend is the event of good vehicles with multiple sensors ready to dynamically form a short lived vehicular spontanepous network (VANET) or a vehicular sensor network (VSN). In conjunction with a wireless-enabled roadside unit (RSU) network, drivers in an exceedingly VSN can efficiently exchange important or urgent traffic data and make driving decisions accordingly. In order to support secure Communication and driver privacy for vehicles in an exceedingly VSN, we have a tendency to develop a new identity-based (ID-primarily based) signature primarily based on the elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC) and then adopt it to propose a novel conditional privacy-preserving authentication theme primarily based on our invented ID-based signature. This theme provides secure authentication process for messages transmitted between vehicles and RSUs. A batch message verification mechanism is also supported by the proposed theme to increase the message processing throughput of RSUs. To any enhance scheme potency, both pairing operation and MapToPoint operation don't seem to be applied within the proposed authentication scheme. As compared with existing pseudo-ID-based authentication solutions for VSN, this paper shows that the proposed theme has higher performance in terms of time consumption.

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