Topological Properties of Secure Wireless Sensor Networks Under the q-Composite Key Pre-distribution Scheme With Unreliable Links - 2017


Security is a vital issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), that are usually deployed in hostile environments. The q-composite key predistribution theme has been recognized as a suitable approach to secure WSNs. Although the q-composite scheme has received much attention in the literature, there is still a lack of rigorous analysis for secure WSNs operating beneath the q-composite scheme in thought of the unreliability of links. One main difficulty lies in analyzing the network topology, whose links don't seem to be independent. Wireless links will be unreliable in apply due to the presence of physical barriers between sensors or because of harsh environmental conditions severely impairing communications. In this paper, we tend to resolve the difficult challenge and investigate topological properties connected to node degree in WSNs operating underneath the q-composite scheme with unreliable communication links modeled as independent ON/OFF channels. Specifically, we derive the asymptotically exact chance for the property of minimum degree being at least k, present the asymptotic likelihood distribution for the minimum degree, and demonstrate that the quantity of nodes with a fixed degree is in distribution asymptotically corresponding to a Poisson random variable. We tend to additional use the theoretical results to supply useful design tips for secure WSNs. Experimental results additionally ensure the validity of our analytical findings.

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