Optimizing Share Size in Efficient and Robust Secret Sharing Scheme for Big Data - 2017


Secret sharing theme has been applied commonly in distributed storage for Huge Information. It's a methodology for safeguarding outsourced information against data leakage and for securing key management systems. The secret is distributed among a group of participants where every participant holds a share of the secret. The secret will be only reconstructed when a sufficient number of shares are reconstituted. Though several secret sharing schemes have been proposed, they are still inefficient in terms of share size, communication cost and storage value; and also lack robustness in terms of exact-share repair. In this paper, for the first time, we propose a replacement secret sharing theme primarily based on Slepian-Wolf coding. Our theme will achieve an optimal share size utilizing the straightforward binning plan of the coding. It conjointly enhances the precise-share repair feature whereby the shares remain consistent whether or not they're corrupted. We have a tendency to show, through experiments, how our theme will considerably reduce the communication and storage value whereas still having the ability to support direct share repair leveraging lightweight exclusive-OR (XOR) operation for quick computation.

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