Improving Web Navigation Usability by Comparing Actual and Anticipated Usage - 2015


We have a tendency to gift a new technique to identify navigation-related Web usability issues primarily based on comparing actual and anticipated usage patterns. The actual usage patterns will be extracted from Net server logs routinely recorded for operational websites by first processing the log knowledge to identify users, user sessions, and user task-oriented transactions, and then applying an usage mining algorithm to get patterns among actual usage ways. The anticipated usage, including data regarding each the trail and time needed for user-oriented tasks, is captured by our ideal user interactive path models created by cognitive experts based on their cognition of user behavior. The comparison is performed via the mechanism of check oracle for checking results and identifying user navigation difficulties. The deviation data created from this comparison can help us discover usability issues and counsel corrective actions to improve usability. A software tool was developed to automate a vital part of the activities involved. With an experiment on a little service-oriented website, we have a tendency to identified usability issues, which were cross-validated by domain experts, and quantified usability improvement by the higher task success rate and lower effort and time for given tasks when suggested corrections were implemented. This case study provides an initial validation of the applicability and effectiveness of our methodology.

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