In this paper an overview of face recognition research activities at the interACT Analysis Center is given. The face recognition efforts at the interACT Research Center incorporates development of a fast and strong face recognition algorithm and fully automatic face recognition systems that may be deployed for real-life sensible interaction applications. The face recognition algorithm is based on appearances of native facial regions that are represented with discrete cosine rework coefficients. Three fully automatic face recognition systems are developed that are based mostly on this algorithm. The first one is that the "door monitoring system" that observes the entrance of a space and identifies the themes while they're getting into the room. The second is the "portable face recognition system" that aims at atmosphere-free face recognition and acknowledges the user of a machine. The third system, "3D face recognition system", performs fully automatic face recognition on 3D range information

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PROJECT TITLE :An Analytic Gabor Feedforward Network for Single-sample and Pose-invariant Face Recognition - 2018ABSTRACT:Gabor magnitude is known to be among the foremost discriminative representations for face pictures because
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