Multihoming is increasingly being employed by large enterprises and information centers to extract sensible performance and reliability from their ISP connections. Multihomed end networks these days can employ a selection of route control product to optimize their Internet access performance and reliability. However, very little is known about the tangible edges that such merchandise can provide, the mechanisms they use and their trade-offs. This paper makes two vital contributions. First, we have a tendency to present a study of the potential improvements in Internet spherical-trip times (RTTs) and transfer speeds from using multihoming route control. Our analysis shows that multihoming to three or a lot of ISPs and cleverly scheduling traffic across the ISPs will improve Internet RTTs and throughputs by up to twenty fivep.c and 20percent, respectively. However, a careful choice of ISPs is vital to comprehend the performance enhancements. Second, focusing on large enterprises, we tend to propose and evaluate a large-vary of route management mechanisms and evaluate their design trade-offs. We implement the proposed schemes on a Linux-primarily based Internet proxy and perform a trace-primarily based analysis of their performance. We have a tendency to show that both passive and active measurement-based techniques are equally effective and could improve the Web response times of enterprise networks by up to 25% on average, compared to using a single ISP. We tend to also outline several "best common practices" for the design of route control merchandise.

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