Secret sharing and erasure coding-primarily based approaches are utilized in distributed storage systems to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of vital data. To achieve performance goals in knowledge accesses, these knowledge fragmentation approaches can be combined with dynamic replication. In this paper, we have a tendency to think about data partitioning (each secret sharing and erasure coding) and dynamic replication in knowledge grids, in which security and information access performance are essential problems. More specifically, we investigate the problem of optimal allocation of sensitive information objects that are partitioned by using secret sharing theme or erasure coding scheme and/or replicated. The grid topology we take into account consists of 2 layers. In the higher layer, multiple clusters form a network topology that can be represented by a general graph. The topology at intervals every cluster is represented by a tree graph. We have a tendency to decompose the share duplicate allocation problem into two sub issues: the optimal inter cluster resident set drawback (OIRSP) that determines which clusters need share replicas and the optimal intra cluster share allocation problem (OISAP) that determines the number of share replicas required in a very cluster and their placements. We tend to develop 2 heuristic algorithms for the 2 sub issues. Experimental studies show that the heuristic algorithms achieve sensible performance in reducing Communication value and are close to optimal solutions.

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