Delay tolerant networks are characterised by the sporadic connectivity between their nodes and so the shortage of stable end-to-finish paths from supply to destination. Since the longer term node connections are mostly unknown in these networks, opportunistic forwarding is employed to deliver messages. However, creating effective forwarding decisions using solely the network characteristics (i.e. average intermeeting time between nodes) extracted from contact history may be a challenging downside. Based mostly on the observations about human mobility traces and also the findings of previous work, we have a tendency to introduce a replacement metric called conditional intermeeting time, that computes the typical intermeeting time between two nodes relative to a meeting with a 3rd node using solely the local knowledge of the past contacts. We tend to then observe the results of the proposed metric on the shortest path primarily based routing designed for delay tolerant networks. We tend to propose Conditional Shortest Path Routing (CSPR) protocol that routes the messages over conditional shortest ways in which the cost of links between nodes is defined by conditional intermeeting times instead of the standard intermeeting times. Through trace-driven simulations, we tend to demonstrate that CSPR achieves higher delivery rate and lower finish-to-end delay compared to the shortest path based routing protocols that use the conventional intermeeting time as the link metric.

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