PROJECT TITLE : Tensor Canonical Correlation Analysis Networks for Multi-view Remote Sensing Scene Recognition ABSTRACT: It has been demonstrated that using a convolutional neural network, also known as CNN, is an efficient method
PROJECT TITLE : Bioinspired Scene Classification by Deep Active Learning With Remote Sensing Applications ABSTRACT: Scene parsing, robot motion planning, and autonomous driving are all examples of applications that require
PROJECT TITLE : FRPNet: A Feature-Reflowing Pyramid Network for Object Detection of Remote Sensing Images ABSTRACT: Object detection, which is a significant and fundamental task in the field of remote sensing, has received
PROJECT TITLE : Vision-Based Remote Control System by Motion Detection and Open Finger Counting ABSTRACT: We describe a computer vision-based universal remote control system in this study. The procedure consists of two steps
PROJECT TITLE : Multimodal Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images Using an Unsupervised Pixel Pairwise-Based Markov Random Field Model ABSTRACT: The multimodal change detection (CD) problem in remote sensing imaging is addressed

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