PROJECT TITLE :Negative Iris Recognition - 2018ABSTRACT:Components of someone's biometrics are usually stable over the duration of a lifetime, and therefore, it is highly important to shield biometric knowledge whereas supporting
PROJECT TITLE : Gender classification from the same iris code Used for recognition - 2016 ABSTRACT: Previous researchers have explored numerous approaches for predicting the gender of an individual primarily based on the features
PROJECT TITLE :Iris Recognition Based on Human-Interpretable FeaturesABSTRACT:The iris may be a stable biometric trait that has been widely used for human recognition in numerous applications. But, deployment of iris recognition
PROJECT TITLE :Signal-Level Information Fusion for Less Constrained Iris Recognition Using Sparse-Error Low Rank Matrix FactorizationABSTRACT:Iris recognition systems operating in less constrained environments with the subject
PROJECT TITLE :Design, Control, and Validation of a Charge-Sustaining Parallel Hybrid BicycleABSTRACT:Traffic congestion, energy, and environmental concerns are boosting the interest for light electric vehicles. Electrically power-assisted

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