Of late road traffic becomes congested and unmanageable. Notwithstanding the fact that government takes all steps to reduce congestion, in view of increasing two wheelers, four wheelers not to speak of autos, all important roads are abound with vehicles. Further, many persons do not drive with diligent-neither they think of themselves nor of others. In the circumstances, it is of dire need that with the available infrastructure we should do something for the benefit of the society as a whole. In this context we have developed a mechanism of fuzzy logic which reduces the accidents and also helps for physically/visually challenged persons. The proposed system will reduce the accidents by neighboring vehicle detection, obstacle detection, controlling the vehicle speed, traffic light detection and signboard detections. All these above mentioned facilities are automated (i.e.) with out any human interventions. One of the main advantages of our system is that we don't need to replace the existing vehicles, placing the circuit in speedometer is enough. Another main advantage is that the same circuit that we have designed can also be extended to defence, space research, wheel chairs etc..

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