PROJECT TITLE :Speaker Recognition by Machines and Humans: A tutorial reviewABSTRACT:Identifying someone by his or her voice is a vital human trait most take with a pinch of salt in natural human-to-human interaction/communication.
PROJECT TITLE :Deep Neural Network Approaches to Speaker and Language RecognitionABSTRACT:The spectacular gains in performance obtained using deep neural networks (DNNs) for automatic speech recognition (ASR) have motivated the
PROJECT TITLE :Data Mining applied to Forensic Speaker IdentificationABSTRACT:During this paper we analyze the advantages of using data mining techniques and tools for data fusion in forensic speaker recognition. Segmental and
PROJECT TITLE :Joint Speaker Verification and Antispoofing in the $i$ -Vector SpaceABSTRACT:Any biometric recognizer is at risk of spoofing attacks and hence voice biometric, additionally referred to as automatic speaker verification
PROJECT TITLE :Speaker verification method for operation system of consumer electronic devicesABSTRACT:A system is proposed which will remotely operate shopper electronic devices by voice. It uses the mobile phone as a controller.

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