PROJECT TITLE :Cost-Optimal Caching for D2D Networks With User Mobility: Modeling, Analysis, and Computational Approaches - 2018ABSTRACT:Caching well-liked files at the user equipments (UEs) provides an efficient way to alleviate
PROJECT TITLE :Design, Analysis, and Implementation of ARPKI: An Attack-Resilient Public-Key Infrastructure - 2018ABSTRACT:This Transport Layer Security (TLS) Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) is based on a weakest-link security
PROJECT TITLE : High-resolution face verification using pore-scale facial features - 2015 ABSTRACT: Face recognition strategies, which sometimes represent face images using holistic or native facial features, rely heavily on
PROJECT TITLE : Robust Representation and Recognition of Facial Emotions Using Extreme Sparse Learning - 2015 ABSTRACT: Recognition of natural emotions from human faces is an fascinating topic with a wide range of potential
PROJECT TITLE :Simulation, Analysis, and Verification of Substrate Currents for Layout Optimization of Smart Power ICsABSTRACT:Today circuit failures in Smart Power ICs because of substrate couplings are partially addressed during

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