PROJECT TITLE : A New Rule for Cost Reassignment in Adaptive Steganography - 2017 ABSTRACT: In steganography schemes, the distortion operate is employed to outline modification prices on cowl components, which is distinctly
PROJECT TITLE :Artificial Neural Networks Applied to Image SteganographyABSTRACT:This paper presents a technique for transmitting information efficiently and securely, hiding confidential messages on seemingly innocent messages
PROJECT TITLE :Multi-round dynamic swap optimisation for table-based steganographyABSTRACT:The reference-table-primarily based (RTB) steganography employs 2 pixels to conceal a secret digit, in keeping with a predetermined reference
PROJECT TITLE :Steganography in Modern Smartphones and Mitigation TechniquesABSTRACT:By providing sophisticated services and centralizing a huge volume of personal information, fashionable smartphones changed the means we have
PROJECT TITLE : Video Steganalysis Against Motion Vector-Based Steganography by Adding or Subtracting One Motion Vector Value (2014) ABSTRACT : This paper presents a method for detection of motion vector-based video steganography.

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