PROJECT TITLE :Anti-Forensics of Environmental-Signature-Based Audio Splicing Detection and Its Countermeasure via Rich-Features ClassificationABSTRACT:Varied ways for detecting audio splicing are proposed. Environmental-signature-primarily
PROJECT TITLE :Channel Capacity Analysis of the Multiple Orthogonal Sequence Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Audio SignalsABSTRACT:Spread spectrum techniques have recently been widely used in digital audio watermarking. In this
PROJECT TITLE :Personal Sound Zones: Delivering interface-free audio to multiple listenersABSTRACT:Sound rendering is increasingly being required to increase over bound regions of house for multiple listeners, called personal
PROJECT TITLE :Sonic Trampoline: How Audio Feedback Impacts the User's Experience of JumpingABSTRACT:To analyze how auditory augmentation influences user jumping activity on an elastic trampoline, the authors developed a system
PROJECT TITLE :Assisted Listening Using a Headset: Enhancing audio perception in real, augmented, and virtual environmentsABSTRACT:Historically, headphones have mainly been used for analytic listening in music production and in

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