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Secure Outsourcing Data With Linear Programming In The Cloud

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Cloud computing enables customers with limited computational resources to outsource large-scale computational tasks to the cloud, where massive computational power can be easily utilized in a pay-per-use manner. However, security is the major concern that prevents the wide adoption of computation outsourcing in the cloud, especially when end-user's confidential data are processed and produced during the computation. Thus, secure outsourcing mechanisms are in great need to not only protect sensitive information by enabling computations with encrypted data, but also protect customers from malicious behaviors by validating the computation result. Such a mechanism of general secure computation outsourcing was recently shown to be feasible in theory, but to design mechanisms that are practically efficient remains a very challenging problem. Focusing on engineering computing and optimization tasks, this paper investigates secure outsourcing of widely applicable linear programming (LP) computations. In order to achieve practical efficiency, our mechanism design explicitly decomposes the LP computation outsourcing into public LP solvers running on the cloud and private LP parameters owned by the customer. The resulting flexibility allows us to explore appropriate security/efficiency tradeoff via higher-level abstraction of LP computations than the general circuit representation. In particular, by formulating private data owned by the customer for LP problem as a set of matrices and vectors, we are able to develop a set of efficient privacy-preserving problem transformation techniques, which allow customers to transform original LP problem into some random one while protecting sensitive input/output information. To validate the computation result, we further explore the fundamental duality theorem of LP computation and derive the necessary and sufficient conditions that correct result must satisfy. Such result verification mechanism is extremely efficient and incurs close-t- - o-zero additional cost on both cloud server and customers. Extensive security analysis and experiment results show the immediate practicability of our mechanism design.

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Secure Outsourcing Data With Linear Programming In The Cloud - 4.9 out of 5 based on 37 votes

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