Combined control of a distribution static synchronous compensator/flywheel energy storage system for wind energy applications


The integration of wind power generation in Power Systems is steadily increasing around the world. This incorporation will bring problems onto the dynamics of Power Systems due to the dearth of controllability over the wind and therefore the type of generation used. In this work, a distribution static synchronous compensator (DSTATCOM) plus a flywheel energy storage system (FESS) is used to mitigate issues introduced by wind generation in the electrical systems. A dynamic model of the DSTATCOM/FESS device is briefly presented and a technique to control the active power exchanged between the device and the ability system is proposed. The management technique has two control modes. One management mode mitigates the ability fluctuations of wind generators, and it's based on fuzzy logic and a special filter. The other control mode contributes to recover the frequency when significant faults arise within the system. Simulation tests on the behaviour of the device are analysed when it works in combination with wind generation in the electrical system. Results show a satisfactory performance of the proposed management techniques together with a high effectiveness to smooth the active power fluctuations of wind generation and to contribute to the recovery of the frequency.

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