Partial Shading Detection and Smooth Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV Arrays Under PSC


One among the foremost necessary problems within the operation of a photovoltaic (PV) system is extracting most power from the PV array, especially in partial shading condition (PSC). Beneath PSC, P-V characteristic of PV arrays will have multiple peak points, solely one in all which is world most. Conventional maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategies are not ready to extract maximum power during this condition. In this paper, a completely unique 2-stage MPPT methodology is presented to overcome this drawback. In the first stage, a technique is proposed to see the incidence of PSC, and within the second stage, using a new algorithm that is based on ramp amendment of the duty cycle and continuous sampling from the P-V characteristic of the array, international maximum power purpose (MPP) of array is reached. Perturb and observe algorithm is then re-activated to trace tiny changes of the new MPP. Open-loop operation of the proposed method makes its implementation low-cost and easy. The tactic is sturdy in the face of changing environmental conditions and array characteristics, and has minimum negative impact on the connected Power System. Simulations in Matlab/Simulink and experimental results validate the performance of the proposed methods.

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