A Geometric Approach to Server Selection for Interactive Video Streaming


Many distributed interactive multimedia applications, like live video conferencing and video sharing, require every taking part consumer to transmit its captured video stream to different purchasers via relay servers. We tend to consider connecting multiple purchasers through multiple relay servers and study the server selection drawback from a dense pool of content delivery network edge locations and datacenters to scale back the tip-to-end delays between purchasers. To realize scalability within the presence of a large number of candidate servers, we tend to formulate server selection as a geometric problem in a delay area instead of during a graph, that turns out to be an extension of the well-known Euclidean -median drawback. We have a tendency to propose sensible approximation schemes when using only one or two servers with theoretical worst-case guarantees plus fast heuristics when using servers. We demonstrate the advantage of our optimized multiserver choice schemes through intensive evaluation based on real-world traces collected from the PlanetLab and Seattle platforms, containing personal mobile devices furthermore real network experiments based on a prototype implementation.

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