Online Coverage of Planar Environments by a Battery Powered Autonomous Mobile Robot


This paper is anxious with online coverage of unknown planar environments by a mobile robot of size operating with a restricted energy capability battery. The battery capacity is represented by the path length that the robot will travel below a full battery charge. Starting at , the robot has to cover a planar environment containing unknown obstacles, and return to upon task completion. Throughout task execution, the robot might come back to at any time to recharge its battery. This paper 1st describes a battery powered offline coverage methodology, then introduces the battery powered coverage (BPC) algorithm that performs online battery powered coverage using position and local obstacle detection sensors. The performance of the BPC algorithm is measured by its competitiveness, determined by measuring the mobile robot’s total online path length, , relative to the optimal offline resolution . This paper establishes that the BPC algorithm incorporates a competitive performance of . This paper additionally establishes a universal lower certain of over all on-line battery powered coverage algorithms. Execution example illustrates the usefulness of the BPC algorithm.

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