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Production Lead Time is the average time a half spends in the system, being processed or awaiting processing. In systems with unlimited buffers, could be orders of magnitude larger than the entire processing time, leading to serious economic and quality problems. At gift, no systematic analytical strategies for evaluation, analysis, and control of in systems with machines having up- and downtime characterised by continuous random variables are accessible. This paper is intended to develop such strategies. Specifically, we have a tendency to address synchronous serial lines with exponential machines and derive formulas for as a perform of machine parameters and raw material release rate. Using these formulas, we tend to develop methods for open- and closed-loop raw material release, that end in the specified . For asynchronous exponential lines, we give an upper bound on . For non-exponential lines (e.g., Weibull, gamma, and log-traditional), we tend to provide an empirical formula for as an affine function of the coefficient of variation. The results reported during this paper enable a new paradigm for production systems management, namely: manage a production system thus that the desired is ensured, whereas the throughput is maximized.

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