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RC-MAC: A Receiver-Centric MAC Protocol for Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks

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RC-MAC: A Receiver-Centric MAC Protocol for Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks


Event-driven wireless sensor networks (WSNs) usually operate below lightweight traffic load. But, when an occurrence is detected, a large variety of packets may be generated. A MAC protocol designed for this type of WSNs ought to be ready to swiftly adapt to the 2 conditions. Most WSN MAC protocols are optimized for light traffic for the energy efficiency thought. In this paper, we have a tendency to propose a unique receiver-centric MAC protocol known as RC-MAC that seamlessly integrates duty cycling and receiver-centric scheduling, providing high throughput while not sacrificing the energy efficiency. To handle bursty traffic triggered by an incident, RC-MAC takes advantage of the underlying data gathering tree structure of WSNs and the multichannel technique supported by current IEEE 802.fifteen.four RF transceivers to assist scheduling of medium access. The throughput is improved in two phases with receiver-centric medium access scheduling and distributed channel assignment. 1st, on a knowledge gathering tree, a receiver is in a position to coordinate the medium access of multiple senders thus as to scale back collisions and achieve high throughput. Second, totally different receivers coordinate their senders in different channels and the throughput is any improved by permitting parallel data gathering. Observing packet processing time on low price sensor nodes, we tend to design a scheduling pattern that ensures fairness between supply nodes while not sacrificing the throughput. We evaluate the performance of our RC-MAC through measurements of an implementation in TinyOS on TelosB motes and in depth ns-2 simulations. Compared with competition-based and scheduling-based mostly MAC protocols, we show that the throughput and therefore the fairness underneath heavy traffic load are significantly improved by the receiver-centric scheduling. Thanks to the high throughput, the energy efficiency is also improved.

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RC-MAC: A Receiver-Centric MAC Protocol for Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks - 4.9 out of 5 based on 71 votes

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