Assessing the vulnerability of network topologies under large-scale regional failures


Natural disasters usually lead to regional failures that can cause network nodes and links co-located in a giant geographical area to fail. Novel approaches are required to assess the network vulnerability under such regional failures. In this paper, we tend to investigate the vulnerability of networks by considering the geometric properties of regional failures and network nodes. To evaluate the criticality of node locations and verify the crucial areas in an exceedingly network, we propose the concept of α-vital-distance with a given failure impact ratio α, and we have a tendency to formulate 2 optimization problems based mostly on the concept. By analyzing the geometric properties of the problems, we have a tendency to show that though finding vital nodes or links in a pure graph may be a NP-complete drawback, the matter of finding crucial areas has polynomial time complexity. We propose two algorithms to accommodate these issues and analyze their time complexities. Using real city-level Internet topology data, we tend to conducted experiments to compute the α-crucial-distances for different networks. The computational results demonstrate the variations in vulnerability of different networks. The results additionally indicate that the vital area of a network can be estimated by limiting failure centers on the locations of network nodes. Additionally, we have a tendency to realize that with the same impact ratio α, the topologies examined have larger α-important-distances when the network performance is measured using the giant component size rather than the other two metrics. Similar results are obtained when the network performance is measured using the common two terminal reliability and therefore the network potency, though computation of the former entails less time complexity than that of the latter.

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