Edge router selection and traffic engineering in LISP-capable networks


Recently, one of the problems with the Internet is the is- sue of scalability. To this end, locator/identifier separation protocol (LISP), which separates end-system identifiers and routing locators, has been proposed as a solution. In the LISP deployed network, the ingress and egress nodes of inter-AS traffic is determined by edge router selection (ERS) and endpoint identifier-routing locator mapping assignment (ERMA). In this paper, joint optimizations of ERS and ERMA for stub networks with and without pre- determined link weights are studied and the mixed integer linear programming (MILP) formulations for the problems are given. To make the problem with optimizable link weights tractable, a re- vised local search algorithm is also proposed. Simulation results show that joint optimization of ERS and ERMA enables better.Net- work performance.

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