Assessing the environmental impact of induction motors using manufacturer??s data and life cycle analysis


Herein is reported development and testing of a life cycle analysis (LCA) procedure for assessing the environmental impact of induction motors. The operating conditions of a given industrial application are defined by the mechanical power required, operating hours and repair lifetime of the 3-phase induction motor involved. Primarily based on manufacturer??s information mainly, completely different three-phase induction motors for various sets of operating conditions, as well as oversizing, have been selected. To quantify the environmental impact of every motor, the Methodology for the Ecodesign of Energy Using Products (MEEUP) was applied, according to the quantity of each of the motor??s main constituent materials employed in the production part, and to the two operating variables that directly influence the LCA results: output power and efficiency. The procedure was applied to completely different 3-part induction motors representing two potency categories (IE1 and IE2) and considering different oversizing possibilities. The total environmental impact of each motor resolve based on the assembly, service life and finish-of-life phases. The simplest motor choice was identified for various operating conditions. Given the potential for energy savings in electric motors, LCA-primarily based environmental impact assessment should be performed when totally different motors are being evaluated for a given industrial application.

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